Les merveilleux Mirror Cakes colorés de l’artiste pâtissière Ksenia Penkina

Nous vous avons déjà présenté la cheffe pâtissière originaire de Vancouver Ksenia Penkina qui a un don pour concevoir des créations culinaires uniques. Elle maitrise si bien son art qu’elle  arrive à concocter des garnitures et des glaçages aux couleurs et aux textures hors du commun pour décorer ses subtils gâteaux. D’ailleurs, ses mirror cakes sont devenus si populaires sur les réseaux sociaux qu’elle compte aujourd’hui pas moins de 300 000 abonnés sur son Instagram.

ANSWER to the question from a previous post 📌 It was so much joy for me to see your participation and thank you all ❤️To clarify, I was talking about most common comments around ALL social pages: instagram, facebook and many more third party pages. Each pages has its specific comments and discussions. One of the most popular comments is about wastage of the leftover glaze. There are paragraphs of discussions, people fighting, people crying, people trying to blindly judge, cursing on one another 😂 while discussing how wasteful glazing is 😬 oh well, let me clarify it here, in a tiny post, at least someone will read and have a peaceful sleep tonight 😆 Something you could not have noticed before, every time the glazing is done, you will see a clear plastic wrap on the table. As soon as the cake is glazed, you simply roll up the plastic with excess glaze and squeeze back to the cup until the last drop. Simple and so easy. Blend again and glaze another cake (or store for future glazing). No wasting please☝🏻 🥇One of the first who guessed it right was @adrbelt (instagram) and Armi Jakola (facebook). Many more had the same guess, good job to everyone ❤️

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Cakes are magic ♠️ . . Learn how to create magic 👉🏻kseniapenkina.com

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