Stick Figure – « Choice is Yours » (feat. Slightly Stoopid)

Your minds long gone, you’re run down, you’re all out of smoke
Light me up a cigarette before I go
Your whole world fits inside of the Palm of your hands
I try to tell em man, but they just don’t understand

[Chorus] The choice is yours when your ready the choice is yours
The choice is yours, taking it easy, the choice is yours, the choice is yours

Your arms wide open the walls are caving in
Don’t bury your secrets deep within your skin
When you focus on the good things, all things under the sun
You free yourself from negativity and the good shall come


The choice is yours and the choice and mine
You Can’t please everybody all of the time
Get up and pray things will Be just fine
But Might not know till the of the line
happiness is only a state of mind
Open your eyes and in time you will find
Open your heart and let your love light shine
And it don’t cost a penny nickel or dime
Give a little love and get a little, ain’t the way that it goes, what goes around it comes around and everyone knows, what you give is what you get so take a look cause it shows
Pickin up your brother any time he feelin low, Smokin up a chalice or a spliff of pacalo Rollin up the best with nothin less than hydro When I’m smokin on my spliff don’t burn it fast I like it slow
Movin up in a style and in a fashion I’m supposed
Open a another door any time another door is closed Move into the light from in the dark now exposed, when I’m reachin into sky and spread it out to let it grow
Never do a thing just cause somebody’s sayin so


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